Monday, April 16, 2007

Comment from a 21 year old

Isnt Howie Nave like 50 years old. SO why we be a 21 year old.

where are you living that you flew in to meet Howie? i live in lake tahoe and i see you dont. i know about the others because i am here. i am only 21 and fell for him. i want nothing more to do with him but he haunts me. he wanted me to do things and talk about things i could not. he strung me along. it was bad.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean he haunts you? do not let him do that to you... you say there are other and you know them? i am glad this blog is here. he put me through hell for a long time about four years i let him string me along i even tried to put on weight he said he liked that. sucker that i was. you are young though so go on and find a normal great guy who will love you and treatyou well.

Anonymous said...

four years? did he tell you all these things

Anonymous said...

to the darlin young gal

dont let a loser get you down

find a nice normal man is right
one who can love u and give u what u need

it is shameful u were taken advantage of at this tender age by a cad.y'all deserve better

Elle said...

Great work.