Monday, April 16, 2007

another howie nave comment

another comment from same - and note to readings. ugster! what is with the chubby girls sitting on rats fetish about? sick sick sick. ladies. how do we get sucked into this.

did he talk to you about sitting on mice or wearing heels
he has fantasy about sitting on or squishing mice or other creatures, taking photos, sitting on his face if you have a round bum and are a big gal it is better
how were you dating if you don't live in tahoe?
did he say he likes big bottom gals?
did he have sick type fantasies.....
i want to tell you there are many others. people talk about him. some think he is gay, he is with a different girl every night but the word in tahoe is talks only about himself and is a foney baloney and a user
also cheap
he is a terrible kisser, and most gals never get beyond that here
consider yourself lucky you don't live here and have to see him every day like i do and others do. count your blessings and get on

Comment from a 21 year old

Isnt Howie Nave like 50 years old. SO why we be a 21 year old.

where are you living that you flew in to meet Howie? i live in lake tahoe and i see you dont. i know about the others because i am here. i am only 21 and fell for him. i want nothing more to do with him but he haunts me. he wanted me to do things and talk about things i could not. he strung me along. it was bad.

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